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The Outsiders Pack

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The Outsiders Pack

Post by Kusuma on Mon May 31, 2010 6:33 am

Members of the pack, i have a plot for them on Mafia territory.

Name: Ginger
Age: three years old
Rank: dominant female/jill
Personality: Sweet, kind, mothering, gentle
History: Was once a member of this clan at a ferret breeders, when the breeders where closed down, she and the others escaped. During her time at the breeders, she had become pregnant and is now expecting a litter to come any day.
Other: She has one daughter that wasn't sold to a pet store from her last litter born at the breeder
(No theme songs for any of them yet, except Nippsy)

Name: Nippsy
Age: two months old
Rank: kit
Personality: Loyal to her mother, sweet, has a hint of a rebellious attitude
History: Was born at the breeders and joined her mother as they escaped.
Other: Is excited about becoming a big sister
Theme Song: Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood

Name: Dicky
Age: two years old
Rank: warrior
Personality: Loyal, confident, jokes
History: Is Ginger's littermate and Nippsy's uncle
Other: is an average sized male

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