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Demon Wrath - Angel Little Dolly

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Demon Wrath - Angel Little Dolly

Post by Kusuma on Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:39 am

Name: Wrath

Died of: Attack from Charlotte and Al in his sleep.

Personality: To dark for words to explain.

History: Wrath was born to a private breeder in Nevada, as a kit growing up, he was often left out of play fighting and games, mostly because he took it too far and always ended up hurting someone. This wasn't by accident, he was dark from the very begging. When he was old enough, he was sold to another breeder in Oregon. He lived there and was used for breeding, however, most of the kits he fathered were never sold, they had nasty attitude and no one would buy them. When Charlotte was decided to be kept for breeding purposes, Wrath knew he finally had an heir. When he first found out that Charlotte would stay, he killed her mother and litter mates. He raised her and taught her never to show mercy. When she was all grown up, they had their own gang within the breeders known as the Blood Spillers. He led the gang. One day, he was snoozing under a couch and woke up realizing he'd been betrayed and ambushed by Charlotte and her new partner in crime, Al. It was all over for him. When Al took over, he renamed the clan, the Mafia.


Name: Little Dolly

Died of: her brother attacking and killing her.

Personality: Sweet, playful, sometimes very sad, gentle

History: Little Dolly was born into a litter with one brother and two sisters. Their older brother Nick-Nack stayed with them when the rest of his litter mates were sold. When Little Dolly and her siblings were taken to a pet store to be sold, Nick-Nack was taken with them. They were purchased together by a boy and his sister. they live, laughed, and played together. One day, their owners' friend came by with her ferret, Delilah. Nick-Nack had fallen head over tail for her. Little Dolly felt bitter around Delilah, she thought she was trying to steal her brother so he'd play with the new female rather than his little sister. Soon, Nick-Nack totally ignored Little Dolly. Here is an example,

(Little Dolly was strolling down the hallway and came to the top of the staircase, she froze as she saw the family dog had been let in and had seen Nick-Nack talking with Delilah. Little Dolly shouted a warning to Nick-Nack "Look out! Behind you!" but he didn't even look up. The dog lunged and Nick-Nack finally saw it. He and Delilah scrambled under the couch to safety. Later on, Little Dolly came down asking, "Are you alright? That was a close one!" Nick-Nack would just look at her, "you saw it coming at me?" "Yes!" "Well you could have said something!"...)

She became sad when she saw her brother so depressed when they found out about Delilah's death of distemper disease. Little Dolly tried to comfort him, but he would only turn away. One day while she was sleeping, a shadow had cast over her, she looked up and saw Nick-Nack, he had a cold glare, and the look in his eye... he wasn't the ferret she knew anymore. He had attacked and no matter how much she pleaded with him, no matter how much she screamed for him to please stop, he didn't. She died at his claws. She didn't know what happened after.


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