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Post by Kusuma on Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:23 am

General Rules:

*Treat other members with respect, do NOT mock or make fun of anyone
*No cussing, there may be kids on the site
*No fighting, if there is a problem, take it to PM or contact me to resolve it

RolePlaying Rules:

*No Godmodding or Power Play
*No killing or inflicting fatal injuries on another user's character unless they gave you permission (ex. tearing throat open, ripping out part of the back bone, etc.)
*No playing another person's character unless they are gone for a long period of time or tell me they gave you permission
*No attacking another person's character out of anger toward the person who plays them
*There can only be one dominant male and one dominant female of each pack
*The leader can be overthrown, but only if they are a horrible leader and most of the pack rebels against them, or they are challenged by a larger ferret
*Make your ferret natural, this is about feral ferrets (which don't really exist, ferrets can't survive without humans) nothing like blue fur or wings, or glowing red eyes, just the selection of colors that are natural, if your character had an owner who dyed their fur, then it's fine, but they can't be born with it.

(Do not break any of thses rules, if you do I will give you a warning, if you continue to ignore the rules then I must ban you.)

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Post by Wolf on Thu Jul 28, 2011 6:50 pm

Sounds good to me Smile

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