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The Packs

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  • The Shining Stars

    This pack is the largest buisness in the area. Led by Starlight and JD. This pack was formed by Fergie when she was looking for her sister Brook, she gathered members and they found Brook. Brook showed her true colors and she turned out to be evil. She joined the Mafia. Fergie killed her in battle. Brook's spirit came back and injured Fergie so badly, the great leader of the Ferret Pack, died. Her deputy, Starlight took over after her. Rest in peace Fergie. (We renamed it bacause Ferret Pack is a little too random.)
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    Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:27 pm
    Wolf Ferret Pack Members
  • The Mafia Pack

    This group was once held by a ferret breeder. Led by Al, this pack is ruthless and evil. They aren't as big as the Ferret Pack, but prove to be more than a challenge for them, just imagine once the kits are older....
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    Kusuma Roleplay - 23rd of June
  • The Prince Pack

    This pack is prissy and acts like royalty, they can be easily beaten and will run away from nearly any fight. They are mostly pasifists. (Those who refuse to fight.)
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    Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:59 am
    Kusuma Roleplay - 23rd of June

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